Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 5.9.2021

Dan Adamson
May 17, 2022
Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 5.9.2021

Good morning and Happy Mother's Day!

I love this day that we get to celebrate all the mothers in the world and especially right here in our gym family. It's amazing the example you all set for me. It can be exhausting trying to balance the life of being a mother and an athlete but you all do such an amazing job and in the process you are setting the best example every day for your kids to follow. Them seeing you staying physically fit and working as hard as you do at the gym will be memories that they will draw on their whole lives. Keep up the good work mamas!

Daddy Daughter Dance
I want to give a huge shout out to Terra for throwing such an amazing fundraiser this past Friday night. I also want to thank all of you for being so willing to adapt the Friday night schedule to accommodate us so we can put on these awesome events.

They had princesses and pony rides for the girls. My Scarlet was in heaven as you can see from this picture! The also were able to raise over $2,000 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society which was the best part of all!

Master's Qualifiers
This past weekend you have probably had a chance to watch our Masters who qualified complete the grueling tests in the Masters Qualifiers. This is the final test in order to make it to the CrossFit Games! We do not have the final results and won't until later tonight but I am so proud of our qualifiers and the hard work they have put into this. It's been so fun to judge them and watch them as they grind through these.
As soon as I find out the final results, I'll be sure to relay that information to you. Regardless of where they place, these peeps have proven to be the top 10% of all the world in their age group. That is an amazing accomplishment in and of itself.
Shirts are delayed at the printers but if you ordered a special PROVEN shirt, it'll be here shortly!

Upcoming Hosting
On that note... This coming Saturday we are having a StrongMan competition at our gym. This means that Saturday classes will be canceled! Sorry!

Volunteers needed...Again!
Because of all of you being so awesome at volunteering and judging our events, we have been asked to provide volunteers and judges for this year's Fitcon Classic! This will be the first time that CrossFit The Point has been put in charge and our goal is to make it run as smooth as our past events but we need you to make that happen. Not only that, with the resources that Fitcon has, we plan on making your volunteer experience much more fruitful with the swag and what we are able to get you. The more we can get to participate, the easier and smoother it will run. I truly believe we can make the athletes experience this year amazing. If you aren't planning to compete, sign up for a shift and then you can enjoy Fitcon on us for the rest of the weekend!
There are shifts to sign up for! You can sign up for 1,2 or all 3! The more we get to sign up the better this will run and the more fun it will be for you so please spread the word! SIGN UP HERE ASAP!

Final Thoughts
A mother is special. A mother can be more than just the traditional mom who bears children but can and should extend to all those who help raise us. No matter if you have children of your own, adopted, a step-mom, an aunt, work as a teacher, live in a community with children or however else you come in contact and touch the lives of children, you can and do influence the lives of the next generation.
Women are the special piece to the puzzle that make everything go. I can think of so many women who helped raise me and who continue to influence my life for the better. So whether you are a mother in the traditional sense or not, I want to thank you for being that amazing influence for good.
I want to especially give thanks to the mother of my children, Emily. She works so hard and does everything she can to make our children's lives the best. And last but certainly not least, I have to break some news to you all... I am sure you all have great moms but I grew up with the greatest mom ever! :)

Coach Dan

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