Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 6.26.2022

Dan Adamson
June 26, 2022
Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 6.26.2022

Good Afternoon CFTP!

Beast Mode
I would like to start out with Friday night's beast mode! What a blast! We had a fun showing of people and I hope you all enjoyed it! Here is what we ended up doing if you missed it:

Really fun to throw down for about an hour with you all. We will definitely sprinkle these throughout so stay tuned and I hope to see more of you next time.

Facebook Group
If you are not yet a part of the CrossFit The Point Private Facebook Group. Be sure to join us here:

This week's programming
We will be doing a couple of assessments this week! The first will be a test of our Front Squat and the second will be a flexibility assessment. The Front squat will be Tuesday and the Flexibility Thursday. So try your best to be here for those two so we can add them to your level method.

As we finish off subleasing the other side, you will see different projects and movement going on at the gym. I hope that you all will bear with me as I adjust our space. On that note, I have some exciting things that will be coming out of this that I will announce as soon as I get them in place. I hope that these things will add value to your membership.

It has been so much fun coaching all the classes this past 6-7 weeks. I realized just how much I enjoy the coaching aspect of my job and I plan to continue to be an active coach for the foreseeable future. On that note though, it is impossible for me to continue to coach all the classes and still get done what needs to be done on the "running a gym" side of things. So you will begin to see our new coaching team take on classes here and there. The coaches that are joining the team or are already a part of the team are, Shauna Mayer, Jared and Ashley Vogl and Colby Jex. As these coaches join the team and continue to mold into the coaches you all deserve, I ask that you be patient and respectful as they learn. Running a class can be intimidating and takes time to get comfortable. I will definitely be taking a sampling of critiques from each of you so I can help direct them to coach in the way that best contributes to your progress. We all have coaches that we learn best from so please keep an open mind and try to learn something new from our new coaches. They are excited to coach and I believe they will do a great job.

I am excited for this upcoming week of programming and seeing you all take on this week's challenges and assessments.

Coach Dan

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