Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 7.11.2021

Dan Adamson
May 17, 2022
Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 7.11.2021

Good morning!

Dexabody Scan Incoming
The Dexabody Van will be at The Point this Thursday! If you are part of a 2nd quarter team challenge, make sure you don't forget to get signed up for your second scan to contribute to your team score. If you miss your scan this Thursday then you have until Saturday to get it completed for it to count. Scores will be tabulated and the winning team and individuals will be announced next month at our Point Fitness Party (Details on when and where will be announced shortly).
Here is the link to get signed up:

This will also be the scan used for the quarter 3 challenge so if you plan to join the next quarter Dexabody Side Hustle, be sure to get your scan in. The buy in is $40 and the pot goes to the winners!

Hero Week 2021
What a week! I love Hero Week. It's a week full of challenges and always pushes my limits. Whether you completed 1 or all 6 of the Heroes, congratulations. Hero workouts definitely challenge us, in a good way.
As I was programming for the week, I was sad that we couldn't do all of the heroes out there. There are hundreds now! So... I want to make a challenge of doing 50 heroes as a gym in the next year before next year's Hero Week! They will be programmed throughout the year with the goal of accomplishing at least 50. So keep your eyes out for those going forward. #1 of 50 will be this coming Friday!

Max Out Week
We have finished our most recent strength cycle and now is the time to test! Throughout this week we will be maxing out on the lifts that we have been working on before we start our next cycle. So, be sure to come in on time and warmup well before you hit these max efforts. I am super excited to see how you have improved through this last cycle.

Salute The Point Promotions 2021
The July promo is in full swing and later on today we will be drawing the winning raffle ticket for the first week prize! You can accumulate tickets simply by sharing and liking and commenting on our weekly posts about the promotion and can really accumulate by getting your friends to sign up. Your name will stay in the raffle throughout the month so the earlier you get your friends in the more of a chance you have to win.
For details on the promotions and how you win prizes, check out my blog post here:

Also... This is very important... IF YOU REFER SOMEONE, BE SURE THEY OR YOU LET ME KNOW THAT YOU REFERRED THEM. I am struggling to keep track of who belongs to who and if you want to win, you got to get credit for your referrals. If you have referred someone, contact me ASAP and let me know who so I can be sure to get your raffle tickets in and begin your tally for the end of month prizes.

Final Thoughts
As myself and my training team met yesterday for our monthly meeting, we got to discussing a lot of important things in an effort to make your experience better. Sometimes this gets routine but as soon as we start talking about individual members, the mood brightens and you can see just how much this team cares about you and your progress. It is amazing. As soon as we mention one of you, every single trainer chimes in with experiences and impressions that you made on them.
This is the best part of this training team and this gym. Every trainer cares about your progress and every member cares for other members. Whether you have been here one week or 9 years, you can feel that sincere care. It isn't fake. I love this community. You all make my life better and just by showing up each and every day, you are making other lives better by your example and by your friendship. So thank you and let's continue those fitness journeys this coming week!

Coach Dan

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