Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 7.23.2023

Dan Adamson
July 23, 2023
Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 7.23.2023

Good Afternoon CFTP!

First off, I missed you all! Having a week off has been great but I am excited to be back with you this coming week! I am also excited to see our new coaching team in action!

Salute The Point Special

We are coming down to the end... I still have about 1k flyers that I would love delivered the first part of this week. If any of you are able to for $.10/flyer, please hit me up and let's make a last push for our neighbors to come in and join us at The Point.

We currently have 25 who have signed up for the special! 5 more till we get to the next threshold of prizes. So far the leaders for the Grand Prize go like this:

Jessica Simonsen: 1
McKaylee Ott: 1
Eric Nelson: 1
Daphne Miller: 2
John Mitchell: 1
Sofia Falconi: 1
Devan and Lexi: 2
Amy McKinnon or Jenny Boyle: 1

We'll do this week's shoe drawing tonight! Daphne and Devan and Lexi will be withdrawn from the shoe drawing but their referrals still count for the grand prizes.


We are hosting a BBQ for all members on August 12th starting at 4 PM. All members and their families are invited!
We will be having a BBQ at the Adamson Home and we will be having the following events:
Pony Rides
Horse Drawn Carriage Rides
Blow Up Water Slide
Yard Games (if you have some to bring, please do!)
As far as food, we would love for everyone to post in the event if they are able to bring a side to share. We will provide the meat but we could probably use an extra grill or two since we just have a Traeger.
BYOB/BYOD (Bring Your Own Beer or Drinks)
We will do a CFTP Family Picture at around 5:30 PM. So be sure to be here by then!

Please RSVP at this link and comment about what sides/drinks/yard games you plan to bring and how many you are bringing with you!

Dexabody Van is Coming August 7th

Our Quarter 2 Dexabody Side Hustle is coming to an end when the Van comes on the 7th. Our 2 month 3rd Quarter Dexabody Side Hustle will then begin. For those who are new, this is something we run quarterly. We have those who want to compete put $40 into the pot and the winners take the pot. Depending on the number who sign up, we will decide how many get paid out.

The way you win is you have the biggest change in body fat percentage over the time period. So if you start with 20% and lose 5%, you will be scored with a 25% change in Body Fat Percentage. The person with the biggest change, wins.

Even if you don't want to participate in the side hustle, I still feel very strongly that consistently getting scanned to gauge your progress can be invaluable in your fitness journeys.

To sign up, just click this link and sign up for a time.

Test Week

The 8-week cycle is coming to an end and it is time to test our Front Squat, Deadlift, Box Jump, Strict Chin up, Strict Handstand Push-up and Bench Press. I am excited to see everyone's progress. Especially those who followed the programming and completed this cycle.

Referral Push

One last week to get our friends and family in on the best deal of the year. Think about when you first started and just how far you have come. It is tough to start but if you invite your friends and family and they commit, they will be thanking you for years to come because your invite not only put them on a healthier path but also gave them another community that is in their corner. Don't be afraid to send out the invite. Worse they could say is no.

Coach Dan

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