Dexabody Side Hustle Team Challenge

Dan Adamson
May 17, 2022
Dexabody Side Hustle Team Challenge

The 2021 Quarter 2 Dexabody Challenge
Officially the challenge starts now! We are officially in quarter 2 so therefore the challenge has essentially begun. So in order for it to start for you, you will need a dexabody scan. I am opening it up to have qualified scans to start immediately. While we aren't having Dexabody at The Point until April 20th, you can get your scan anytime between now and then and use that scan as your initial scan for the 2021 Quarter 2 challenge. To get your scan at their office location or to find their van, you can go to .

How to enter into the 2021 Quarter 2 Dexabody Side Hustle
1) Sign up for your dexabody scan between now, April 11th, and April 20th. You must get your scan within this window. The Dexabody Van will be at The Point on the 20th of April and you can sign up for your time slot here if you want to wait until then. This will be your last chance to get scanned.

2) Message me via email, text or Facebook messenger, letting me know that you are in for Quarter 2.

3) Pay $40 to the gym and the gym will put your money into the pot for the winners. Once you have messaged me, I will charge your account for the challenge.

That's it! Then you are in!

What's different this time?
So to add to the fun, we have added a team component to the picture! I am really excited about this. Once we get the list of participants, myself, Coach JoAnn and Coach Zach will be team captains. We will take the list and we will have a draft. We will select our teams and you will be placed on #teamDan, #teamJoAnn or #teamZach. Once you have been placed on a team, each of your team leaders will be there to help you stay accountable. So instead of going at this on your own, you will have your own team to support and keep you on track. The team captains will be able to share their knowledge and as a team we will be able to achieve more success than if we were to go at it on our own.

How do you win?
So this is an important question. You will have two chances to win this time around:
1) The Individual Side Hustle for the pot of money will still be in play. The top individuals to lose the highest percentage of fat over the 3 months will win the pot minus a portion that will go towards the team prize. This will be decided once I see the size of the pool. The majority will still go to the individuals who lose the most.
2) The team with the highest percentage of fat loss will win a team prize. I am thinking maybe a shirt + the losing two teams will pay for dinner at a restaurant of the winning team's choice or something along those lines.

The percentage of percentage lost looks like this so there isn't any confusion.
Let's say you start at 30% and at your 3 month rescan you go to 25%. This is a percentage of change of 16.7%. This is equivalent to an individual who starts at 15% and rescans at 12.5%. This makes it so that no matter where you start, it's fair across the board. So for the team, I will add up the total % of Fat that we start with and then we will take the rescan and do the math to get a total loss of the full team. So even if you only lose 1%, you are adding to the success of your team and helping them win.

It is almost summer and I don't know about you but I am ready for a change. A change in the way I eat and a change in the way I feel. I have trips planned and I need you all to help me be successful in my changes. So join me and Zach and JoAnn and let's get to making some lifestyle changes and get ripped in the process!

Coach Dan

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