Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 9.12.2021

Dan Adamson
May 17, 2022
Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 9.12.2021

Good afternoon!

Pre-Order update
Clothes are at the printers! They are a little backlogged but they'll be here soon!

Last Week's Heroes
It was so awesome to do the two hero workouts this week. It meant so much to me. We started on Monday with "The Thirteen" to honor those killed in the recent attacks in Afghanistan and then 9/11 workout yesterday to help us think back to that tragic day 20 years ago. I love that I have the kind of people in the gym who, no matter how hard the workout might be, take initiative and grind through it especially when it has such heroic names tied to it.
Thank you for showing up and working hard and showing respect to these heroes through working out.

Max Out Week
Max out week is upon us! Bench, Back Squat, Deadlift, and Shoulder Press will be tested! I am so excited to see the improvement and watch all of you go for new personal records!

Youth CrossFit Schedule

Since our classes have been on the small side lately, we have decided to combine the age groups and hold just one class a day on Mondays and Wednesdays. This class will be for ages 5-14.

The class will run Monday and Wednesday at 4:30-5:15.

I hope everyone has an amazing week and good luck on your personal records!


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